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Welcome to Seaside Bolonka's where the sun is always shining.

We would like to share the amazing hidden secret, The Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka.

This amazing rare breed dog is the perfect companion dog.

The Russian Tsvetnaya The beginning of the Bolonka started when The Bolonka's migrated to Russia with Napoleans Army and then given to the Royals as gifts. There were only a few Russian Tsvetnaya's left when Napoleon left and then they were known as the French Bolonka.

Here at Seaside Bolonka's, we are blessed to love and raise this rare wonderful breed. 

We raised, showed, handled and loved the Colon de Tulear for almost 30 years.

We are dedicating the rest of our life to breeding the amazing little Rare Russian Bolonka's. They have brought so much joy and laughter to our home. They just love their toys and to play. Most of all they love being hugged, held and loved.

We are code of ethics breeders, former board member and vice president of the Akc parent club for the cotons, Former owner of two grooming shops, Animal Control officer in New Hampshire and our main goal is to improve and protect the rare breed The Russian Tsvetnaya. We purchased our first Bolonka puppies when there were only 150 in the United States. After watching what has happened to my previous breed, I hope we can keep the Russian Bolonka pure, healthy, Rare and as wonderful as they are today.

We also have a german shepherd who thinks she is the mom and a french bulldog who loves to play with our bolonka puppies. The Bolonka dog gets along with just about everyone.

The Russian Bolonka is a fun, happy, Social loyal Dog. The Bolonka is a non shedding non allergenic breed. They are easy to groom and small enough to travel anywhere  with you.

The bolonka's are fun loving puppies and love children. The Bolonka is a very very healthy breed and we hope the breed stays this way for a long time to come with good breeders.

When searching for your Russian Bolonka Puppy, Search our available Bolonka puppies page for updates. If we do not have any updated, feel free to send me an email about our available Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka puppies. We have available Bolonka puppies to approved homes only. We have an application that I will be happy to email you.


We do not ship our Russian Bolonka  puppies, period NO exceptions!!! 

Our Russian Bolonka dogs are our babies and we do not ship. We have a courier who will deliver to the airport of your choice for a great price and we also have a ground courier.

Is the Russian Tsvetnay for you? I hope to answer that question for you or try to help.

I am just getting my website going and I will be adding a lot of information for you.

Please check back 

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